Morality Issues of “Zoothanasia”


Last February 9, animal welfare advocates were outraged as Copenhagen Zoo killed a perfectly healthy male giraffe called Marius. This case is only one in an average of 1,735 zoo animal “euthanasia” in Europe. For some reasons, this specific case was highly publicized over the Internet. There was even an online petition to save Marius’ life days before he was killed. [Read more...]

War on Drugs Lost: A Call for Marijuana Policy Reform


For decades drug policies were stiffly bent on criminalizing all forms of drug offenses. A simple use of a gram of marijuana can incarcerate a person for one year with a maximum fine of $1000. Selling and cultivating weeds can result to a range of five years to life imprisonment depending on the amount. [Read more...]

My top tips for an eco-friendly workplace.

Like me, many of you have been taking environmentally conscious decisions at home. Whether it’s actively recycling and energy conservation or choosing products that are made from recycled goods such as my trusty refurbished laptop , it’s a more natural and easier process to implement when we are not constrained by the boundaries of the work place. Regardless of workplace constraints, I have found it possible to be more eco-friendly , and although the steps seem small, they can significantly impact the environment in a positive way.

It may also be worth noting that being as eco-friendly conscious as possible can also help reduce the costs of running an office thus resulting in some cost savings for the business you are working for.

Every office these days has an array of IT equipment. We are talking about multiple computers with monitors, laptops, printers, scanners and photo copiers. These are all necessary and we simply would struggle without. However, this necessity comes at a cost to the environment. To help conserve energy we should without doubt do the following.

If you have the option, choose energy saving equipment. Thankfully it is quite easy to work out what is energy saving these days thanks to the Energy star label that equipment must now display.

You should also turn on the energy saving settings that are made available by the manufacturer. Some of the settings I personally recommend are:

Set monitor or display to turn off at the maximum 15 minutes.
Set the hard drive to turn off at the maximum 15 minutes.
Set the system to switch to standby at the maximum 30 minutes.

It also makes good sense to set your computer or laptop to sleep mode if you are away for even short amounts of time. You also should not use a screen saver which in fact uses more energy that saves. This was surprising to me as I am sure it is to you. A computer or laptop in sleep mode can save up to 70% of the power consumption. If you set the power management features up correctly this can all happen automatically with little inconvenience to you.

You should also turn off your computer anytime you are not using it, especially when you leave work for the day. It makes little sense to keep your computer running all night, even on standby. Let’s be honest there are only two reasons why we wouldn’t turn our computer or laptop off. The first being laziness and the other is the inconvenience of waiting sixty seconds for the system to boot up the next day.

It is also worth noting, that if you have the choice, choosing a thin client, or preferably a laptop over a desktop computer would be the most eco-friendly choice as both of these us less energy than a desktop computer.

I would also advise that you switch of all peripheral when not in use. It is rare than a printer, scanner or photocopier is constantly in use and therefore would not require to be switched on at all times. A system that I have seen successfully implemented is the batching of print and photo copying jobs. This was a success with maybe an hour or two set aside per day with all jobs being completed within that time.

Last but not least, you should also unplug all battery chargers when not in use. It is surprising how much energy a small laptop battery charger can use up even when not in use.

Doing Binary Options Trading for the Purpose of Helping Out Social Causes

I believe that we can make society so much better if every one of us does his part. I have witnessed so many amazing changes happen when everyone did their part in making the world a better place. I personally witnessed the civil rights movement touch so many people’s lives and made them face the injustices of the world. Although some people feel hopeless about the direction humanity is currently taking, I believe that people should be more optimistic about it. In the past ten years, for one, gay marriage has been legalized in many parts of the world and women are becoming more empowered to take control of their lives.

The biggest hindrance to social causes happens to be a lack of financial support from people. I am not blaming them, though. In this tough economy, it’s understandable why so many people don’t exert the extra effort just to be able to donate to the social causes that are dear to them. The great news for everyone, however, is that it is now easy to raise funds for the social causes dear to them. By doing binary options trading, anyone can donate thousands of dollars a month to entities that aim to improve society.

Binary options trading is very easy; because of this, even the most financially illiterate of people are able to make very profitable trades. This is because binary options trading typical only involves guessing if the price of an asset will go up or down by the time an option expires. When a trader guesses correctly, he earns a fixed amount of profit. Of course, this doesn’t mean that one does not have to make it a point to learn about trade and finance. The more people know about such things, the more they are able to profit from binary options trading.

When doing binary options trading, however, people must make sure that they are working with a good brokerage. To most people, Banc de Binary is the best binary options brokerage. This is because Banc de Binary gives its clients access to a multitude of assets in different parts of the world at any time. Most of the brokerage’s clients go so far as to claim that it is always the best time to trade binary options with Banc de Binary. In addition, the Banc de Binary personal broker account gives people the chance to make the most amazing trades through the help of an expert broker. Expert brokers are always available, so people can expect to get the best real time help through Banc de Binary.

Hopefully, this post of mine will get more people to do binary options trading for the purpose of helping out social causes. If you happen to be a Marxist, you should set aside your economic ideology and do binary options trading because it can be done for the purpose of benefiting everyone. Many people who do binary options trading to help out social causes donate all of their earnings but really, what’s important is that you get to help out. It doesn’t matter if you keep most of your earnings so long as you do your part.

Addressing the Major Environmental Issues of the Day

When I was coming of age in the 1960′s we knew we were going to change the world for the better. There was no question in our minds. We were the new generation and the world was ours to shape however we saw fit. Well, 50 years later it’s pretty clear it didn’t exactly go the way we had planned.

There are a couple of reasons for that. First off we never had a real consistent message. There were too many fractions with the hippies getting most of the attention. Those of us who wanted real social change had a hard time breaking through to get our message out there. We’ve learned a lot since then and I think most people would agree that even though the world didn’t change exactly the way we’d hoped it would we’ve made some good progress.

I feel like the area we really need to concentrate on is the environment. If global warming takes off the way the scientists are predicting then it will be more destructive and costly than every war that’s been fought to date. We can have the greatest positive world impact by curbing CO2 emissions, conserving water, planting trees, and reducing our overall carbon footprint. I thought I’d put together a brief list of the areas the US and other nations should be concentrating on.

1) Oil. We live in an oil powered world. And not the good kind like my biodiesel Volkswagen van. I’m talking about the kind that comes out of the ground and when burned creates unbelievably destructive byproducts that are destroying our world. We need more research into crude oil alternatives that burn clean and don’t require us to blow the tops of mountains to get to. My good friend Walt, put together a great article on biodiesel and other oil alternatives you can find by clicking here.

2) Renewable Energy. This amazing world we live on has given us so many different ways to create electricity for our homes, computers, cars, and everything else we can one day live completely oil free lives. If we start concentrating on solar, wind, and geothermal power sources we could kick the oil habit in less than 50 years. Now I know that sounds like a long time from now but in most countries around the world, the US included, oil is so pervasive that it will take 50 years or even possibly more to convert infrastructure and sell the public on the importance of renewable energy options.

3) Water. This is a big one for me because I love swimming and boating in lakes, rivers, ponds, oceans, and just about any other body of water imaginable. Keeping our waterways clean means we’ll all have access to safe drinking water and sea and freshwater fish will stay healthy. We could be in a whole world of trouble if the ocean fish populations start declining because large percentages of the world rely on the ocean for food.

While there are a million other issues that need to be addressed these are my big 3. If we find a way to reduce pollution levels and clean up our waterways we’ll be on our way to improving the quality of life for every person and animal on this great planet.

Your Civil Rights Regarding Transvaginal Mesh Procedures

When it comes to patients who have a prolapsed uterus, the medical field is guilty of violating civil rights by denying them prompt treatment. When a person is sick, they have rights that can’t be ignored; treatment should always be left up to the patient. If a procedure works, there is no reason the patient shouldn’t be given that option. Unfortunately, too many doctors take matters into their own hands; they don’t give their patients access to the latest treatment options.

Common law dictates that every patient has a right to choose what is done to their body. Sick people have this right; it doesn’t matter what ailment they are suffering from. The law makes it clear that everyone is entitled to equal treatment at all times. There is no room for discrimination based upon the fact that a doctor doesn’t like a procedure; this is especially true when the procedure has been proven to be safe and effective.

For some reason, big pharmaceutical companies have taken issue with transvaginal mesh procedures. Most people agree that they’ve done this because they stand to make money from prescribing medications; if they treat a patient for a long time, they rake in more profits.

An investigation done by the Disability Rights Group showed that many big corporations are guilty of steering their patients towards long-term treatments instead of quick solutions. These findings were controversial; they sparked debates about doctors and the morality that they impose on their patients. If a doctor can be swayed by big pharma, there is no guarantee that they are treating their patients properly.

It’s important to stand up to doctors who choose to use invasive and irreversible procedures that aren’t necessary. It’s important that a patient’s rights do not get tangled up with someone’s desires to make a profit. When a person is sick, they deserve the best treatment out there.

I researched what transvaginal mesh is on this website, and I found out that it is a common treatment for women who have a prolapsed uterus. In the past, doctors would perform a simple procedure that would quickly get rid of the ailment’s symptoms. Today, many doctors are shying away from this procedure. Instead, they are prescribed pain pills to dull the pain; when they do this, they aren’t addressing the problem. They are simply creating a patient that needs to buy medication every month.

When this happens, it lowers a woman’s quality of life. Most doctors don’t even tell their patients about all of their options. Technology can help these women; instead, they are being devalued and forced to live in pain.

It’s important to fight for your rights. If you’re suffering from a prolapsed uterus, you need to make sure your doctor gives you access to all of your options. If you feel that they aren’t, you have the freedom to find another doctor who will help you get your life back to normal. If you always go along with what your doctors say, you let them trample on your rights; when you do this, big corporations get way with putting profits over people.

Have You Heard About Memey, The Sex Slave?

traffickingHave you heard about Memey, the Indonesian girl who was tricked into entering prostitution through promises of good job opportunities? And what about Latulo, the student who wanted to work as a factory worker but instead ended up working as a sex slave?

They are only two of the estimated 27 million victims of sex trafficking worldwide. Most of the victims are women and young girls. About 2 million children [A1]  are sold into sex slavery every year. Sex slaves endure unthinkable physical and emotional debasement that nobody ever deserves.

Common Trafficking Schemes

Countless women and men every day are being tricked into prostitution with shiny promises of job opportunities either locally or abroad.

One of them is Memey[A2] , a survivor of sex slavery who is now committed to curbing sex slavery. On the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women held in New York on November 2012, Memey spoke about the violence and exploitation she endured while being held captive. She related that she went to Malaysia in hopes of working as a waitress to support her family. But instead of serving foods, she served her own body to countless strangers in hotel rooms.

Latulo, a young man from Uganda, was also lured into a foreign country by a man who promised him a job at a factory which could help support his education. When he and other men and women arrived at Kenya, the man suddenly became violent and rude. He confiscated their phones and passports and threatened to kill them if they attempt to escape. Inside the house, there were rooms with cameras that recorded them while having forced sex with strangers.

Boyfriends, close friends, and even relatives are also potential traffickers. They exploit the trust they formed with the victim which makes it easier to snare the victims.

Why Am I Telling This to You

Statistics and news have a tendency to detach us from the reality of an issue. You read that millions are being trafficked globally but perhaps you say in your head that those are really unfortunate people and it will not happen to you. WRONG. Dear friend, please absorb it in your system that sex trafficking is a rampant crime and traffickers are getting crafty in luring victims. It can happen to anyone any time. It can happen to your mother, sister, best friend, or even you. Some victims are forced to have sex with as many as 50 men every day. Some victims die from contracting sexually transmitted infections. Some die from getting beat up.

Protect yourself and your loved ones by informing them of the threat of sex trafficking. This is the most basic thing you can do to help stop one of the most degrading and inhumane human rights violations ever in history.